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Private Pilot Program

Are you ready for takeoff? A private pilot license will allow you to spread your wings and explore the world in a whole new way. With your private pilots license, you will be able to carry passengers and fly day or night, under visual flight rules (VFR). Below are the prerequisites to obtaining your private pilots license.

Through the Great Planes private pilot course, you fly with a seasoned instructor who will teach you everything you need to know to be a safe, competent and confident pilot!

Upon successful completion of our course, you will have the aeronautical experience necessary to apply for a FAA private certificate. Let’s get airborne!


  • 16 years old (for solo flight)
  • 17 years old (for FAA licensure)
  • Obtain a FAA 3rd class medical
  • Fluent in the English language

Training Overview

  • Complete a ground school course
  • Pass the FAA written exam
  • 20 hours dual (with instructor)
  • 3 hours cross country
  • 3 hours of night flight
  • 10 solo hours
  • 5 solo cross country hours
  • Pass the FAA check ride

With a Private Pilot Certificate You Can

  • Fly under Visual Flight Rules (VFR)
  • Carry passengers
  • Fly during the daytime or nighttime

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$100 discovery flight

What is a discovery flight

This is your chance to climb aboard our aircraft and take flight to see if a private pilot program is right for you. Competitively priced, you cant go wrong with a discovery flight.

Whats included

Team up with one of our instructors for 1/2 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour of flight time. Are you ready to take to the skies?



Discover the freedom of flight

Discover what it’s like to experience the freedom of flight with no commitment as you climb into the pilot seat with one of our seasoned instructors.

Whats the catch?

There is no catch! We want to share the experience of flight with you to see if this is right for you with no strings attached.


Happy Aviator's


Nick and his flight instructors are top notch. I’m very impressed with the quality as well as appearance of the aircraft. Scott Koon has been an exceptional instructor for my son Trevor.


They are professional, friendly, and wonderful. Scott Koon is really a great instructor!


I like Great Planes Aviation flight school because you can progress at your own pace so your learning is not rushed. The instructors take the time for you to learn and create a welcoming environment for you to feel comfortable, ask questions, and make everything understandable.


Great business, great staff, and literally great planes. They are a business but a business that cares strongly about their clients and the consumer.


Awesome, knowledgeable and friendly instructors, great service and meticulously maintained airplanes!


I took my first flight lesson from Great Planes and it was an awesome experience!


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