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  1. Government Issued Identification | Acceptable forms of identification include current passport or birth certificate and government issued photo identification. The TSA requires us to see the original documents before you begin flight training. No photocopies will be accepted.
  2. Required Materials | The required materials flight training include, but not limited to: headset, logbook, flight bag, E6B flight computer, view limiting device, ground school materials, etc. Your instructor can help you identify the necessary items for your specific flight training course.
  3. FAA Medical Exam | The FAA requires you to have a medical exam administered by a FAA approved doctor.  You can find a list of FAA examiners near you at https://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/.  We recommend you request a First Class FAA medical exam, although your specific program may not require a first class, a first class in time will turn into a second class followed by a third class. Once you receive your medical certificate, you must turn it in to your instructor. We also suggest that you complete your flight physical as early as possible, in the event you need to submit additional medical records to the FAA for further review.

International Students are required to complete additional TSA paperwork. If you are an international student, please contact us so that we can assist you though this process.

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