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Full Service Flight School

Great Planes Aviation provides the best flight training experience in Minnesota. Our FAA Approved Part 141 flight school is focused on the flight training itself. When you arrive for your flight lesson, our staff take care of the aircraft handling and fueling so your time can be spent learning to fly. We offer modern and well maintained aircraft along with experienced flight instructors with the promise of providing an exceptional product backed by great service!

Great Planes

Pilot Programs

Whether you have some previous flight training or are just getting started we have a program for you. Great Planes Aviation offers primary and advanced flight training including Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot, Instrument Ratings and recurrent training in clean, modern, well maintained aircraft. For aircraft owners, we also offer training in your airplane with one of our instructors. Creating safe and highly proficient professional pilots is our top priority. Contact us today to speak with an instructor about your training needs.

Private Pilot

Fly day or night and carry passengers under visual flight rules (VFR).

Instrument Rating

Take the next step and advance to an instrument rating!

Commercial Rating

The next step in your aviation career and have the ability to carry passengers for hire.

Flight Instructor

Pass that flight knowledge on to others by becoming a flight instructor.

Great Planes


Piper Archer III

Piper Archer III

Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel
Dual Garmin 430's (WAAS)
S-Tec Auto Pilot w/ pre-select
Garmin GTX-330 Transponder
Horizontal Situation Indicator
IFR Certified

Price including fuel:

$135 /hr
Piper Archer III

Piper Archer III

PMA-6000M Audio Panel
Garmin GTN-650 (WAAS)
Bendix/King Auto Pilot
Garmin GTX-330 Transponder
IFR Certified

Price including fuel:

$135 /hr
Cessna 172

Cessna 172

PMA 7000M-S
Dual Bendix/King 155 TSO Nav/Com Radios
Apollo GX5 GPS
Bendix/King KR87TSO ADF
Bendix/King KT76A Transponder
IFR Certified

Price including fuel:

$135 /hr

Great Planes

Flight Instructors

The Great Planes flight instructors are some of the best in the industry. With decades of aviation experience and thousands of flight hours. They provide a balance of of technical knowledge and real world experience, to give you the best value in training available at a very competitive cost.

Instructor Rate $50/hour

Jim Perry

Chief Flight Instructor


Endorsements / Ratings

Complex, High Performance, Tail Wheel, TAA

Jim has over 10 years of piloting experience and over 2,000 hours of instruction given. Jim comes from a family of aviators and has a passion for aviation. He takes great pride in providing quality instruction to his students. His work ethic, high standards and patience make him an asset to Great Planes Aviation.

Scott Koon

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor


Endorsements / Ratings

Complex, High Performance, TAA

Scott has over 10 years of piloting experience and over 800 hours of instruction given. Scott has a true passion for aviation and has trained all over the country. Scott thoroughly enjoys teaching students to fly and takes great pride helping students on their journey to become pilots.

Brent Carlsen

Flight Instructor


Endorsements / Ratings

Multi-Engine, Complex, TAA

Brent has over 10 years of piloting experience with over 1,100 hours of instruction given in a variety of  single engine and multi engine aircraft. Brent previously worked as a flight instructor for a large university where he trained pilots at various levels before moving back home to Rochester.

Terry Pretzloff

Flight Instructor


Endorsements / Ratings

Multi-Engine, Complex, High Performance, TAA

Terry received his flight training right here with Great Planes Aviation with some additional flight training across the mid-west. Terry has nearly 4 years of piloting experience and hundreds of flight hours. Terry has a passion for aviation and is excited about being a part of the Great Planes team. He looks forward to helping students on their journey to become pilots and takes great pride in his instruction.

Jason Crane

Flight Instructor


Endorsements / Ratings

Information on Jason coming soon!

Happy Aviator's


Nick and his flight instructors are top notch. I’m very impressed with the quality as well as appearance of the aircraft. Scott Koon has been an exceptional instructor for my son Trevor.


They are professional, friendly, and wonderful. Scott Koon is really a great instructor!


I like Great Planes Aviation flight school because you can progress at your own pace so your learning is not rushed. The instructors take the time for you to learn and create a welcoming environment for you to feel comfortable, ask questions, and make everything understandable.


Great business, great staff, and literally great planes. They are a business but a business that cares strongly about their clients and the consumer.


Awesome, knowledgeable and friendly instructors, great service and meticulously maintained airplanes!


I took my first flight lesson from Great Planes and it was an awesome experience!


Additional Great Planes

Flight Training Services

Already a pilot, but looking to add some endorsements to your log book? Great Planes Aviation offers  additional flight training in many areas. Train in our aircraft or train in your own aircraft with one of our instructors.

  • Biannual flight review
  • Instrument proficiency check
  • Tail wheel endorsement
  • Complex endorsement
  • High performance endorcement
  • Multi-engine rating

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